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Fire on the Water

Fire on the Water (Sparrow edition)
(Sparrow edition)
Fire on the Water (Beaver edition)
(Beaver edition)
Fire on the Water (Beaver reissue)
(Beaver reissue)
Fire on the Water (Pacer edition)
(Pacer edition)
Fire on the Water (Berkley Pacer edition)
(Berkley Pacer edition)
Fire on the Water (Red Fox edition)
(Red Fox edition)
Series:Lone Wolf #2
Platform:Web Browser
Contained In:Fire on the Water (reissue)
Fire on the Water: Software Pack
The Lone Wolf Adventures
Lone Wolf Game Book Omnibus
Translated Into:Api di atas air (Malay)
Eld över vattnet (Swedish)
Feuer über den Wassern (German)
Fogo sobre a água (Portuguese)
Fuego sobre el agua (Spanish)
Gennem ild og vand (Danish)
Mar em chamas (Portuguese)
Oheň na vodě (Czech)
Plamak nad vodata [Пламък над водата] (Bulgarian)
Suijou no honou [水上の炎] (Japanese)
Taxidi stin kolasi [Ταξίδι στην κόλαση] (Greek)
Traversata infernale (Italian)
La Traversée infernale (French)
Vatra na vodi (Serbo-Croatian)
Adapted Into:Fire on the Water (Video Game)
The Sword of the Sun (Novel)
Author:Joe Dever
Illustrators:Gary Chalk (interior and original cover)
Brian Salmon (Beaver cover)
Peter Andrew Jones (Red Fox cover)
Release Date:June, 1984
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0099359006 / 9780099359005 (British editions)
0399212183 / 9780399212185 (Pacer edition)
042508437X / 9780425084373 (Berkley Pacer edition)
Length:350 sections
Number of Endings:19 (not including failure by loss of points)
Summary:You must travel overseas to Durenor to recover the Sommerswerd, a magical weapon capable of driving back the Darklord invasion.
Demian's Thoughts:
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Of the books in this series that I clearly remember reading as a child, this was my least favorite. It's mostly about travel, and there aren't too many monsters to fight or atmospheric dungeons to explore. I also felt at the time that it was unfairly difficult. However, having replayed it now, I think that I was underestimating the book. Although it didn't include the traditional elements that made me enjoy fantasy adventures, it was clearly memorable -- the "whodunnit" sequence and the final sea battle were both enjoyable to revisit. As for being unfair, I think I mustn't have been observant enough when I first played. Some choices that seem random are in fact entirely strategic if you carefully examine the map and illustrations. There are better things yet to come, but this is an entirely worthy sequel to the first book.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Tan Hong Kiat for the Beaver reissue cover scan.
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Users with Extra Copies:andyr: US Berkeley
bookwormjeff: Berkley
Pirrakas: Berkley
redpiper05: Sparrow
Ryuran333: 2 Red Fox
Sir Olli: Sparrow Original & Beaver Reissue
sireeyore: Red Fox & Pacer
twar: 1 copy sparrow edition w/pencil markings on character sheet and penned name on inside of front cover, otherwise decent shape.

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